Jacques Rancière and the Emancipation of Bodies


  • Por: Laura Quintana Porras
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This article contends that Jacques Rancie`re’s aesthetic understanding of corporeality is central tohis interpretation of intellectual emancipation. Concretely, I will argue that Rancie`re’s aestheticunderstanding can be viewed as a torsion of a body that affects its vital arrangements, whichthereby open paths for political emancipation. I will support my claim with Rancie`re’s reading of the plebeian philosopher Gauny, as well as works that have not been sufficiently considered insecondary literature, such as The Nights of Labor and The Ignorant Schoolmaster. My reading will, Imaintain, help to question common interpretations of emancipation in Rancie`re that tend to readthis notion either in dichotomous terms or as a merely ephemeral, evental practice with noconcrete conditions of possibility and without long-lasting or verifiable effects in the world.

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