Modelling pavement serviceability of urban roads using deterministic and probabilistic approaches

Universidad del Norte


  • Por: Claudia Velosa, Gilberto Martínez, Julián Arellana, Luis Guillermo Fuentes, Rafael Camargo
  • Paginas: 10 páginas

The serviceability models available on the literature are generally applicable to interstate highways and rural roads. The present paper aims to develop alternative modelling approaches that can be applied when assessing the pavement serviceability of urban roads in developing countries. More than sixty (60) rigid urban pavement sections with different surface characteristics were evaluated. Performance indexes such as the International Roughness Index (IRI) and the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) were measured on each pavement section. Deterministic and probabilistic models were developed to correlate pavement performance indicators with the users' assessment of each pavement section. Moreover, threshold limits for the acceptance of the IRI and PCI were also proposed using a probabilistic approach. In line with previous studies, Colombian users have higher tolerance than users from developed countries towards accepting pavement in poor conditions. Particularly, results suggest a higher tolerance towards urban roads with high IRI and low PCI values. Finally, the models and thresholds proposed in this research could be used to define prioritisation policies that could help road agencies in their decision-making process at the network level, saving time and money in public investment, and thus achieve an increase in the welfare of the urban population of countries with similar sociocultural characteristics. Furthermore, the methodological framework applied in this research effort may be useful for agencies and governments seeking to develop and/or improve their current PMS


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